• Atteignez vos objectifs


    Acheteurs fréquents


    Paniers abandonnés


    Utilisateurs récurrents

  • Reengage ajoute automatiquement chaque visiteur au segment approprié

    On this drawing a sample of the populations in which e-commerce website users can be automatically classified is shown. Among them : window shoppers, abandoned carts, leave soon etc.
  • Avec Reengage, chaque segment est directement actionnable

    On this drawing we can see that with Reengage.io, each population of your e-commerce website is directly actionnable. Indeed, Reengage.io can send personalized emails, website notifications or Facebook Ads to some or all of the segments of your website.

    Reengage vous permet d'envoyer vos campagnes en un clic. Plus besoin d'importer / exporter des données...
    Reengage suit et analyse l'évolution de vos clients au sein des différents segments.

  • Compatible avec toutes les plateformes e-commerce

    Reengage.io is compatible with PrestaShop
    Reengage.io is compatible with Shopify
    Reengage.io is compatible with WooCommerce
    Reengage.io is compatible with Magento
  • A view of Reengage.io’s dashboard. On this screenshot, we can see a sample of the many different populations that Reengage.io offers for your e-commerce website.

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